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A Multi-Pronged Approach to Building Efficiency

Five years ago RMI embarked on a body of work to advance what we call deep retrofits, energy-efficiency retrofits that save 50 percent or more of a building’s energy consumption. Half a decade later, it’s time to reflect on how far we’ve come with our Retrofit Initiative … and how far we still have to go.

Colorado Gives Day

Today is Colorado Gives Day, and in recent weeks I’ve been thinking about what RMI’s mission means to Colorado, and why Coloradans are so generous in their support of Rocky Mountain Institute.

Thou Shalt Store

Solar PV has been the belle of the ball when it comes to distributed energy resources of late. But from microgrids in Maryland to NRG’s solar pergola, battery storage is increasingly entering the conversation, too. Now, California’s new energy storage mandate, AB 2514, is pushing the issue further.

Can the Cost of Solar in the U.S. Compete with Germany?

If the U.S. is to transition to the low-carbon, resilient, and sustainable electricity system of the future outlined in RMI’s Reinventing Fire, we need to install four times more solar capacity annually than we’re currently doing.