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National Solutions Council

The National Solutions Council provides opportunities for members to promote the work of Rocky Mountain Institute to others, helping broaden the base of financial support for our mission to drive the efficient and restorative use of resources.

What is the National Solutions Council?

A gift of $1,500 or more brings you into RMI’s National Solutions Council, a collaborative community of people committed to understanding, supporting, and advancing an energy future free of fossil fuels and powered by efficiency and renewables.

Membership Opportunities

By investing in RMI, our members help transform ideas to solutions and network with others who share the same goals. NSC members have the unique opportunity to drive tangible change through annual sponsorship of a specific RMI initiative, network with colleagues and peers, receive exclusive briefings from RMI staff and industry experts, participate in online discussion and networking groups, receive advance notification of key RMI publications, and attend RMI educational and networking events

Who’s Involved

The NSC is composed of an unlimited number of members who represent a mix of industry affiliations, backgrounds, and passions, but all of whom are committed to understanding, supporting, and promoting RMI's work to create transformational change for the next generation.

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