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Green Investment Banks

Increasing the availability of and ease of access to finance for low-carbon development in emerging countries.

What is a Green Investment Bank?

A Green Investment Bank is a public or quasi-public institution specifically designed to lower risk and attract private investment to support domestic low-carbon infrastructure. These nationally capitalized and owned, independently operated institutions can coordinate capital inflows while building the long-term domestic plumbing for deploying capital into projects aligned with a 2 degree pathway.

Why Green Investment Banks?

National Green Investment Banks offer a replicable model for moving the locus of problem-solving and agency to the national level, while empowering developing countries to benefit from international financial resources in the development of low-carbon solutions.

Why it Matters

Currently, climate finance architecture is complicated, inefficient, and not designed to mobilize and deliver the trillions in blended public-private financing needed to rapidly scale low-carbon infrastructure in emerging markets. We aim to increase efficiency through making domestic institutions the locus of climate finance.

Our Team

Angela Whitney

Darius Nassiry

Paul Bodnar
Managing Director

Ruoyao Zhang

Julia Meisel
Senior Associate

Denali Hussin
Program Coordinator