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Generation Z Schools

We aim to create thriving zero-carbon communities by unlocking investment in students and schools across the world, creating better and more equitable learning environments, improving communities, and scaling solutions from the ground up.

Transforming Global Energy by Starting With our Schools

Learn how the Generation Z Initiative is channeling investment into schools and communities around the world to make net zero carbon districts a reality in major cities around the world to benefit children, communities, and the environment.

What Is Generation Z Schools?

Generation Z Schools is an initiative to create thriving zero-carbon communities by channeling investment into schools. By working with school districts and city leadership, our partners will secure commitments to make school districts net-zero carbon in a variety of major cities. These schools will produce as much energy as they consume on an annual basis, providing more comfort and healthy learning environments. Sustainability curricula aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals—supported by hands-on opportunities afforded by net zero school campuses—will provide a powerful engagement tool for students and the wider community.

Why It Matters

Climate change brings an unprecedented social and economic risk. Schools have an unmet potential to transform their neighborhoods and even their entire cities. They should be living learning centers, educating and engaging people on the issues that matter most in their lives, but they currently waste funds on energy that could be invested in education. Furthermore, schools in the most disadvantaged neighborhoods are often the worst affected by climate change, deepening inequality. Youth need to understand the global sustainability challenges and opportunities their generation faces, while being given tangible, local actions they can take to build a better future.

African American and Hispanic elementary age little girls are smiling while sitting at a desk in classroom or library and listening to mid adult African American male teacher. Students are using homemade water bottle wind turbine to learn about wind energy and technology. Students are using digital tablet.

What We're Doing

Generation Z Schools will bring much needed support to cities by providing the financial, technical, and workforce development expertise needed to unlock investments, accelerate the development of energy improvements to buildings, and train the local workforce. Close collaboration with city governments to support their commitment to these goals is an essential component of making scalable solutions.


By providing financial expertise, we will help cities unlock over $15 billion in investment for schools and communities. Generation Z Schools builds the mechanisms and tools to leverage large investments. These investments will improve 6,000 schools, create 100,000 jobs, and build a pipeline to additional investment for the broader community, and will ultimately be paid for by the energy savings generated by school improvements--while saving 1.7 million metric tons of carbon.

Our Partners

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Our Team

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Senior Fellow

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Development Manager

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