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Caroline Ott

Sr. Associate


  • Sustainable Finance

Caroline is the Sr. Associate for RMI’s Climate Finance Team.


Prior to RMI, Caroline worked at the World Bank in carbon markets and innovation, piloting a project that uses auctions to allocate climate finance. She worked previously in San Francisco at California Environmental Associates, focusing on strategic planning and recruiting/organizational design for nonprofits and foundations. Her academic background is in natural resource and development economics.


Washington, D.C.

Authored Blog Posts

Auctioned Price Floors: Changing How We Invest in Climate

Here’s the challenge: you work for a government agency or philanthropy that wants to encourage climate mitigation projects such as solar energy installations or building efficiency upgrades, and you have a grant budget of $50 million to invest anywhere in the world. You want to invest in projects that reduce…

Demonstrating U.S. Climate Leadership

Since the White House announcement of its intention to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, American mayors, governors, CEOs, and other leaders have been reaffirming their support for continued action on climate change. As of last month, we have seen nine states, 227 cities and counties, 315 institutions of higher education,…

What Salad and Ice Cream Tell Us about Climate Finance

Imagine you’re on a diet—but to measure progress, you decide to count only the number of salads you’re eating while ignoring the number of ice creams. That, in a nutshell, is what has happened in global discussions on climate finance, according to a new discussion paper from Rocky Mountain Institute…