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Gavin McCormick

Executive Director: WattTime
Guest Author

Gavin McCormick is co-founder and executive director of WattTime.

Academic and social entrepreneur, Gavin applies behavioral economics to energy markets to develop ultra-low-cost techniques to deliver more renewable power and energy efficiency at scale. While a PhD student at UC Berkeley, Gavin discovered green power can be provided at a much lower cost by simply correcting for the effects of known cognitive biases on electricity market incentive structures. As co-founder and Executive Director of WattTime, Gavin helps connect people and smart devices to this novel technique of drawing cleaner electricity from the regular power grid. His prior work with the US Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Lab includes applying behavioral economics to increase the impact of existing government energy initiatives. Gavin’s energy industry experience also includes advising large industrial clients through NERA Economic Consulting. He is a graduate of Williams College.

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