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James Sherwood



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James Sherwood is a Manager with RMI’s Electricity Practice, where he works to facilitate the integration of renewables into the electric grid and to develop new utility business models. James joined RMI in September 2012.


James joined RMI having completed his graduate work at Stanford University in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering’s Atmosphere/Energy program, focused on power systems. A 2011 M.A.P. Renewable Energy Fellow with RMI, James has concentrated his efforts on driving increased adoption of renewable energy and ensuring its integration into the grid. His broader interests include energy efficiency strategies, innovative rate design, land use planning, and sustainable mobility. While studying energy management and design in the Environmental Studies and Planning program at Sonoma State University, he served as research assistant on projects studying grid integration of renewables and land use changes in Latin America, and has worked as a GIS analyst studying the habitats of endangered species in Northern California. At RMI, he strives to transform the way that the world thinks about and uses energy toward an environmentally sustainable future.


  • MS, Civil & Environmental Engineering—Atmosphere/Energy Program, Stanford University
  • B.Sc., Environmental Studies & Planning—Energy Management & Design Program, Minor in Business Administration, Summa Cum Laude, Sonoma State University

Boulder, CO

Authored Blog Posts

Moving to Better Rate Design

Electricity stakeholders have long debated what makes for good rate design, but many of the new options offered are seriously flawed and, as a result, severely underperform against policy goals for system cost reduction, customer engagement, and environmental improvement. RMI has released a new report to help address these challenges.

How to Deploy Solar as a Grid Resource

There’s an opportunity to use distributed PV to better utilize the existing electricity system, which not only makes that PV more valuable to the individual customers who install it but also by reducing the cost to operate the grid, thus benefiting all customers.

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Although no one has ever picked a perfect March Madness bracket, there is no shortage of strategies that could help gain an edge. And we here at RMI have a strategy, too: going all in on renewable energy.

NRG Doubles Down on Distributed Generation

NRG Energy's vision for the future involves consumers disconnecting from their electric utility. What could possibly possess NRG to begin taking customers off the grid, launching a veritable coup d’etat against not only electric utilities, but against its own business models?