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Jerry Weiland

Managing Director


  • Mobility Transformation

Jeruld (Jerry) Weiland is Managing Director at RMI, where he leads research and collaboration activities for the Transportation practice. He brings 30 years of global automotive industry experience in engineering, manufacturing, finance, planning, and program management – and joined RMI in May ‘14. Jerry’s current practice focus areas include, Electric Vehicle Transformation – propulsion/light-weighting, Reinventing Fire–China Transportation, and Urban/Suburban Mobility Solutions.


Prior to joining RMI in May 2014, Jerry spent 30 years with General Motors, largely engaged in its international operations. He worked extensively in all major operational disciplines and lived and worked 9 years in Europe (Sweden/Germany/Switzerland) and 3 years in Asia (China/Korea). Throughout his career Jerry has been engaged in global programs and operations, including the GM launch going into Sweden (Saab) in 1991, the lead team into China (GM/SAIC) in the early 1990’s (and working with GM China programs for over 20 years), as well as global programs with Australia, Korea, Eastern Europe, Latin America, and ASEAN. Jerry has perpetually found his way into leading innovative new technology, market, and business models including Urban Mobility, Youth Markets, the Internet (e-GM), Hydrogen Fuel Cell commercialization, and most recently Battery Electric Vehicles.


BS Engineering Management –Missouri Science & Technology (1981)
MS Engineering Management—Missouri Science & Technology (1983)
MBA – MIT Sloan School of Management – Sloan Fellows Program (2000)


Boulder, CO

Authored Works
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Transportation Transformation: How the DOT Is Driving “Smart” Change

Last March, during the South by Southwest festival, U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx announced the seven city finalists for a single $40 million grant as part of the Smart City Challenge, aimed at transforming mobility in the winning city. The grant will be supplemented with $10 million from…

Outlet Blog Post

How the U.S. Transportation System Can Save $1 Trillion, 2 Billion Barrels of Oil, and 1 Gigaton of Carbon Emissions Annually

In the United States each year, our cars alone cost us well over $1 trillion, burn about 2 billion barrels of oil, and emit about 1.5 gigatons of carbon dioxide—one quarter of all U.S. emissions. The indirect societal cost of these vehicles, including pollution, lost productivity (sitting in traffic), land…