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Kieran Coleman

Sr. Associate


Kieran Coleman is a Senior Associate at RMI, and currently works as Project Lead in support of the CEO.


Kieran has supported RMI’s Electricity Practice in areas of community-scale solar (.5 – 5MW) market development, finance and business models. His previous work with the Shine Program has focused on developing business models, ownership and financing structures to enable and scale innovative value propositions in the community-scale solar market. He has also supported RMI’s work in India, where he helped to facilitate the design and development of a $40 million catalytic facility funded with concessional capital, with the goal of leveraging $1 billion in private capital to help achieve the Indian government’s goal of 40GW rooftop solar by 2022.

Kieran joined RMI in 2015. Previously, he worked for an early-stage start-up based in Colombia, which combined atmospheric analytics, grid analytics, and portfolio finance methods to identify optimally sited portfolios of small- and medium-scale distributed generation renewables projects. Previously, he consulted for the World Bank and Rockefeller Foundation on rural electrification efforts in India, specifically around transparent market-making policy and regulation to enable the entrepreneurial energy services sector to meet existing social and economic need for relatively cheap, clean electricity through microgrids and distributed renewables. Kieran’s prior experience includes researching the East Asian political economy with the Center on Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), international economic forecasting with the PNC Financial Services Group’s Economics Group, and a year-long position supporting the U.S. Department of State’s Office of Iraq Political-Military Affairs.


Master of Arts, The Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS)
Bachelor of Arts, The Johns Hopkins University


Boulder, CO

Authored Works
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The Policy Consensus for Faster, Cleaner Economic Growth

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Unmoored from Facts, Will EIA Projections Become Reality?

The U.S. Energy Information Administration’s (EIA’s) most recent Annual Energy Outlook (AEO) should give anyone watching today’s energy markets a jolt of surprise. Not for projecting that U.S. energy demand will grow by an average of 0.4 percent per year after two decades of evidence to the contrary. Not…

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Report Release: Financing Community-Scale Solar

Download Financing Community-Scale Solar here. Effective financing approaches have been fundamental to the solar industry’s exponential growth over the past 15 years. The first solar power purchase agreement (PPA) in the early 2000s enabled customers to spread their upfront costs for solar over time, just as home mortgages…

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Community Solar: A Cost-Effective Bridge away from Net Metering?

Community-scale solar is the solar electricity market’s latest darling. Utilities are excited by the opportunity for revenue and grid benefit, developers see the attraction of scale for all types of utilities and retail markets, and local communities and state regulators are jumping at the opportunity to expand community participation and enhance solar access at reduced cost.