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Margaret McCall

Sr. Associate


  • Electricity
  • SEED

Margaret is a Senior Associate with RMI’s Sustainable Energy for Economic Development program. In this role, she focuses on strategies to extend off-grid energy access throughout Sub-Saharan Africa. She is also the project manager of eLab Accelerator 2018 in addition to working on client engagements and research throughout the U.S. electricity sector.


Margaret comes to the Institute with a diverse background in clean energy advocacy, operations research, and solar financial analysis. From 2012–2014, Margaret held a Denver-based fellowship in clean energy policy advocacy; she specialized in rooftop PV and net-metering policy, spending her time doing media work, lobbying, and leveraging citizen support. She also headed successful campaigns targeting hydraulic fracturing and water conservation. After completing her fellowship, Margaret spent time working in operations research for a Nairobi-based sanitation company, engineering improvements in its data streams, and in the solar department of Austin Energy, brainstorming and modeling major changes to its commercial PV incentive program.


B.Sc., Geophysics, Yale University
Phi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude


Boulder, CO


“I’m proud to work in a place that addresses so many of what I see as the world’s most pressing issues while never losing its sense of humor.”

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